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Domain - Transfer Domain

If you own a domain with another registrar and you wish to transfer your domain name registration to Pokform LTD, when signing up to a Pokform hosting account select the option 'I want to transfer my domain to Pokform LTD'.


In most cases, the transfer of a domain is a simple process that can be handled online.


To Proceed with a full domain transfer

1, Your domain must be unlocked for transfer. Log-in to your domain control panel at your current domain registrars website, if your domain is 'Locked' at the current registrar, you will need to unlock the domain for transfer. You can check the lock status of your domain by using a whois lookup tool, a WHOIS lookup tool can be found at http://www.who.is

2, Within your domain registrars control panel, ensure the 'Admin Contact' email address is valid, and is an email address that you have access to.

3, A domain 'Transfer Auth-Code' will be required, within your domain registrars control panel, select 'Get transfer auth-code' or 'Get EPP Code', your domains 'Transfer Authorization Code' will be emailed to your admin contact email address.

4, When placing your order select 'I want to transfer my domain to Pokform LTD', you will be required to enter your domains 'EPP code'.

5, Once we have received your transfer order with your domains transfer auth-code, a transfer request will be initiated within our registry system, this will generate an email to the Administrative contact email for your domain by the next business day asking for transfer approval. If approval is not granted within a few days, or the email is not received - the transfer process will STOP at this point and it must be re-initiated at a later date.

6, When the initial transfer approval is accepted, your current registrar will also send your Administrative contact an email asking for approval of the transfer to Pokform LTD. Please respond as directed.

7, If all emails are approved the "registry" will be notified and their approval will be needed next. We will be given notice of either acceptance or rejection - which we will pass along to you.


Please note;
Domain transfers can take 1-2 weeks to complete, to setup your website as soon as possible you will need to update your domains nameservers setting to point to the nameservers provided in your 'New Account Information' email.

More info; Domain - DNS update on existing domain


Some situations that can prevent or delay a transfer are:


1. The domain has already expired. In that event you will need to try and renew the domain as soon as possible with the current registrar before the domain becomes available to the public. Normally there is a holding and redemption period that can last several weeks so that you still have an opportunity to renew the domain.

2. The domain will expire within the next 3 days. In this event, your best step is to return to the existing Registrar and renew so you don't risk losing the domain. You can then transfer to your desired registrar.

3. The domain was registered within the last 60 days. Under current rules you must wait until the 60 days have passed and then proceed with the transfer.

4. You don't have access to the current Admin Contact. The Admin contact's approval via email is required for transfers. If your Admin Contact email address is not valid anymore, you will not receive the important email confirmation message. In that event you should first update the email address with your current Registrar, and then apply for transfer. This is the most common reason for transfer failures to occur.

5. The domain is in locked status. This means that you will need to contact your old registrar and have them remove the lock before proceeding with the transfer.


If your registrar transfer is unsuccessful, you may request a refund or submit a support request asking Pokform LTD to retry the domain transfer. Please remember, Pokform LTD will not automatically credit you - you must request it.


If you wish to use a domain that you already have registered with another domain registrar, it is possible to add an existing domain to your Pokform website without a full transfer of registrar, see; Domain - DNS update on existing domain, with the DNS update option your registration stays with your current domain registrar, the DNS update points your domain to our servers for hosting and email services.

See also;

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