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Mail Application Settings

The settings for your mailserver are provided in your 'New Account Information' email.


The SMTP settings for mail applications are typically;

Account type; POP/IMAP

Incoming Mail Server;  mail.yourdomain.com

User Name; The full email address for the account

Password; your email password

Outgoing Mail Server; mail.yourdomain.com

Note; For outgoing mail turn on Password Authentication and enter your user name and password, additionally some isp's are blocking port 25 in an effort to reduce spam, if you are unable to send/receive email you can also try using alternate ports (25, 465, 587).

Webmail; Access webmail for your email account by going to webmail.yourdomain.com (without www.), enter your full email address as the username, and the password as specified in your hosting control panel.



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