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Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions, in signing up to Pokform and its online services you agree to the following conditions.

As a user of the Pokform CMS site, you accept that Pokform assumes no responsibility for the content added and used within your Pokform website, Pokform disclaims liability for any such content added by the site user, copyright clearance for site materials and assets used in your website must be obtained by the site owner.

You agree not to upload, post or otherwise transmit any content that you do not have a right to transmit under any law, and you accept full responsibility and liability for any data or files added to your site.

Pokform does not control the content posted and uploaded to users sites via Pokform CMS, and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy or integrity of any such content. Pokform reserves the right to lock or remove content which may be offensive, unlawful, objectionable, defamatory or harmful in any way to a group or individual.

Pokform provides its services and software as is, Pokform may provide updates as and when available, You are not permitted to decompile, modify, alter, or re-sell Pokform in any way.

Pokform may periodically make backup copies of all site data, however Pokform accepts no liability in respect to and in any event of data loss.

Pokform uses third parties (Paypal/Worldpay) to process online payments. You can cancel your subscription payment to Pokform at any time, If payment fails at any time during your subscription your website may be suspended until payment is resumed.

Pokform offers a free demo site and allows you to try its services for free before you subscribe, subscribers may activate or cancel their service at any time, Pokform offers no 'warranty' or 'guarantees' that the CMS will meet your requirements.

You acknowledge Pokform reserves the right to alter these conditions, and indeed modify and upgrade services and software at any time, also change, upgrade, add, move or terminate services as required at any time in the future.

Copyright Pokform 2006-2014, All Rights Reserved.



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